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It provides financial support for workplace-related injuries or illnesses.

Each state is different. It’s often legally required if you have a certain minimum number of employees.

It varies by state law but may include certain individuals like owners or family members.

Usually not, but it depends on the relationship and control over the work. If you hire an independent contractor, you should request proof of insurance.

Insurance premium will vary based on the nature of your business (class code), location, payroll, and claims history.

Benefits typically include indemnification for lost wages and coverage for medical expenses.

Typically benefits are based on a percentage of lost wages, subject to a state-specified maximum.

Usually within five to seven business days after processing.

Metrix provides each client with a claims service specialist who will be happy to assist you.

This varies by state. Typically, anywhere from three (3) to ten (10) days.

Usually within 5 business days

Please forward all medical bills to PO BOX 40317 Brooklyn, NY 11204. Please include the claimant’s name and claim number.

We can review the policy and advise if we believe the loss will be covered however we cannot confirm coverage, only the carrier can do that.

There are many factors that go into premium costs including number of claims, severity of claims, location of business operations, etc. Settling claims without reporting them to your carrier can potentially lead to coverage issues down the line. We can advise you on the best way to handle your claim.

Metrix provides oversight throughout the life of the claim from reporting to closure. We provide guidance, assign client and counsel when needed, participate in strategy calls with defense counsel and advocate on your behalf with your insurance carrier.

YES! If you or your business were named in a lawsuit, you must retain legal counsel to respond to the complaint. If you do not have defense counsel respond on your behalf in a timely manner, the suit may go into default and a court may enter a judgement against you. Professional and general liability lawsuits should be IMMEDIATELY reported to claims@metrixrm.com.

It depends. MRRs trigger coverage under certain insurance policies but not under others. We will ask for additional information to determine if the request should be reported as notice of a potential claim.

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